What is an eye test?

Essentially, it’s a way doctor can assess your eyes. This helps me gain a better understanding of what it is that you’re seeing and what is it you’re struggling to see.

The eye takes a picture and breaks it down into different aspects. For example:

  • How big an object is
  • What’s the difference between dark and light (contrast)?
  • How clear or sharp an object is

We have a letter chart system that consists of lines of letters of decreasing sizes, and this correlates with how small an object in your eye can pick up. Also called a Snellen chart or LogMAR chart.

Further Eye Tests

Besides the eye test, I use tests such as a colour vision test. This will help me to understand if there’s a problem with your retina or your optic nerve, or if it’s even a genetic deficiency problem such as colour blindness.

There are more specialised tests that we do using the equipment. A commonly used test is an OCT scan in the retina, and this will help us pick up structural abnormalities in the retina to microscopic detail.

Each test will be guided by your specific needs, and this will be explained to you at your consultation.

I also work with a group of specialists who are highly skilled at testing vision in patients who cannot communicate through normal channels.
For example:

  • patients with learning difficulties
  • patients with memory impairment including dementia

When you come for your first consultation, you will have the test that you require and are appropriate to your needs.