Treating Red Eyes in New Malden, London

Your eyesight is precious and that is why you need to get professional help as soon as there is a problem. Treating red eyes in New Malden, London is part of our services here at The Sight Clinic and our expert and friendly services will help to solve the problem quickly. If you are in New Malden and have developed a problem with your eyes becoming red or painful, we are here to help.

It can be quite alarming to develop a red eye, but we will quickly assess and treat the problem for your reassurance at The Sight Clinic. Miss Sivagnanavel is our consultant ophthalmic surgeon. She trained at Kings College Hospital and Moorfields eye hospital and works as the Lead Medical Retina Consultant at Kingston hospital in London where she routinely manages complex eye disorders that cause inflammation of the eye. These range from harmless conditions such as blepharitis, dry eyes and conjunctivitis to more serious conditions such as scleritis and inflammatory disorders of the eye that can lead to visual loss if untreated. Miss Sivagnanavel received a Clinical Excellence award in 2014.

Red Eye Treatment

If you have developed a persistent or painful red eye, seeking help quickly will minimise any harm. This is particularly important if you use contact lenses as any infections of the cornea can get worse quickly, needing urgent treatment. Although developing conjunctivitis will not usually cause any long-term problems, it still needs to be treated quickly to stop the disease spreading to other people or the other eye. If you have been diagnosed with conjunctivitis, careful hygiene is very important. You should not share pillowcases or towels with others and ideally, tissues must be thrown away and washing your hands is very important. For more advice about your best course of action when it comes to red eye treatment in New Malden, contact a member of our team at The Sight Clinic today.

Eye Treatment at The Sight Clinic

If you are worried about problems with red eyes and looking for help in New Malden, our professional and friendly staff at The Sight clinic will support you from the moment you book your appointment through to the diagnosis and treatment of your disorder. Urgent appointments can be arranged on the same day at short notice and care at the weekends can be booked by special arrangement. Whatever the cause of your red eyes, we will provide you with a rapid diagnosis and treatment plan. You can contact us by calling on 0207 183 0563 or email Miss Sivagnanavel is recognised by all major insurance companies.