Why should I choose The Sight Clinic for my eye treatment?

I’m proud to say that the working ethos of The Sight Clinic is to provide care that meets all patients needs and not just their medical needs. Our receptionists are trained to handle patients sensitively and with care. They are easily available to answer any questions within the working hours.

We provide rapid access clinics for the treatment of macular degeneration. This means the assessment and treatment can be given all on the same day, when necessary. This provides huge degrees of reassurance to patients even if it’s to know that they don’t need any treatment. My specialist interests are to cover the whole remit of retinal disorders that require medical treatment.

I worked with other specialists such as endocrinologist and rheumatologists to make sure that patients with inflammatory disorders or diabetic eye disorders receive fully comprehensive care.

I have established my practice in a few centres to cover the local area and allow easy access to specialist ophthalmic services to the patients. Parkside Hospital, for example, is an award-winning hospital, and patients have had wonderful reviews of it after having had a care there. As your surgeon, I have extensive experience in managing cataract surgery.  This includes complex cataract surgeries, for example, patients with advanced diabetes or inflammatory eye disorders that require a greater degree of technical expertise at the type of surgery.

During my career, my training was based at leading centres of excellence. Besides, I have a wide experience in both clinical research and service improvement to ensure that all aspects of a patient’s care are at an optimal level. This includes ensuring that patients receive the best of evidence-based medicine and have access to the latest treatment to trials if necessary. As a surgeon, I’ve operated over 1000 cataracts. I regularly manage complex cases in my day-to-day practice.

I am a member of societies, such as the European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons and European Society of Retina Specialists to ensure that my practice is up to date. Therefore, I am able to offer my patients the best of evidence-based medicine as applies to their care. In addition, I am a member of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, and I have a license to practice the General Medical Council. I have published works in peer-reviewed journals and continue to be actively involved in clinical trials and research.

When I established my practice, I wanted to make sure that my patients could access me at the most convenient times for them. We have One-Stop Clinics for macular degeneration services. We have Ad Hoc Clinics in the evenings where patients can call even at the very last minute and book urgent appointments when necessary. Patients are reassured by the fact that they don’t need to worry about waiting times or difficulty accessing, especially when they need it, by calling us at the Sight Clinic.

Although these are aspects of my abilities that I strive to maintain and aspects of the practice that we aim to deliver to a high standard, what makes my work really rewarding is the feedback that I get from patients. Some of them have been kind enough to give feedback directly on iWantGreatCare.com.  What I find really touching, is their personal comments about how comfortable they feel under my care and the efficiency of the service. I’m proud to have delivered care to a very high standard to my patients. When I review the results of their outcomes,  I am reassured that the practice is delivering above standard care that’s widely available.

Outcomes that patients have experienced is what makes this job worthwhile. For example, I had a patient with early dementia who was able to start reading again and interacting with her family after she had a laser procedure to the eye.  I had another patient who had lost vision in one eye from macular degeneration, and the most she could see was shapes. After a series of injections and cataract surgery, she could read again with a small magnifying device. This meant she could go back to her full-time love, which was bingo. I look forward to being able to help more patients in the future. I have worked hard to give you as much information as there is available, to reassure you of my website. I hope this gives you the confidence to trust your care in my hands.