Cataract Surgery New Malden, London

When a cataract develops in your eyes, the lens inside your eyes becomes cloudy. This may give you problems with blurred vision, glare, faded colours or increased difficulty seeing in the dark. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms then there’s no need to panic, as The Sight Clinic is expertly placed to help you with the removal of cataracts in New Malden, London.

Cataract Surgery New Malden

Our ophthalmologist, Miss Vasuki Sivagnanavel, has been a provider of quality eye care for many years, and she’ll help you make the decisions that are best for you. Miss Sivagnanavel specialises in advanced cataract surgery, especially in patients with diseases of the retina. Her specialist ophthalmic training took place at Kings College Hospital and Moorfields Eye Hospital and she is the Lead Medical Retina Consultant at Kingston Hospital in London. She was awarded a Clinical Excellence award in 2014.

The improvement in the quality of your life after cataract surgery can be life changing. Not only will it help restore your vision, specialised intraocular lenses even help correct the need for glasses and common problems such as astigmatism. Miss Sivagnanavel will give you all the advice you need to make the best choice of intraocular lens for you.

Although the thought of an operation on the eye can be frightening, it is good to know that phacoemulsification cataract surgery remains one of the safest operations available. It is usually performed as an outpatient procedure under a local anaesthetic so you don’t need to stay in hospital. Most patients are been able to carry with their normal activities almost immediately after surgery.

Why trust The Sight Clinic for cataract surgery?

Your vision is extremely important, and at The Sight Clinic in London, you’ll be treated with the highest levels of care and expertise. To find out more about cataract surgery in New Malden, contact our friendly and helpful staff at The Sight Clinic to book your appointment.