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Miss Sivagnanavel is a Consultant Ophthalmic surgeon at the Royal Eye Unit. She is the Lead Medical Retina Consultant at Kingston Hospital and has developed one of the largest AMD services in London. She specialises in diseases of the retina, general ophthalmic disorders and advanced cataract surgery. Miss Sivagnanavel was educated at Wimbledon High School and subsequently qualified from Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital Medical School, where she won a Special Trustees Award. Her specialist ophthalmic training was at Kings College Hospital and Moorfields Eye Hospital.

What is an eye test?

Essentially, it's a way doctor can assess your eyes. This helps me gain a better understanding of what is that you're seeing and what is it you're struggling to see.

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Why should I choose the Sight Clinic for my eye treatment?

I'm proud to say that the working ethos of the Sight Clinic is to provide care that meets all patients needs and not just their medical needs. We provide rapid access clinics for the treatment of macular degeneration. This means the assessment and treatment can be given all on the same day when necessary.

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Why should I consider private eye treatment

This is been primary because they want their care in the hands of one consultant. They don't like the fact that they vary between a consultant or a trainee in the National Health Service.

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What is the retinal vein occlusion treatment?

The treatment options vary from retinal laser to injections in the eye that a very similar to the injections used in macular degeneration.

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What are retinal vein occlusion symptoms?

Sometimes there may be no retinal vein occlusion symptoms at all. It may just be an incidental finding by an optometrist who has noticed that there's a pattern of haemorrhages or changes along the blood vessels.

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What are retinal vein occlusion causes?

The highest risk factors for retinal vein occlusion causes lie with abnormalities of blood pressure, called hypertension, or abnormalities of raise cholesterol. These are important risk factors to test for and modify.

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What is a retinal vein occlusion?

The retina is a structure within the eye that captures light and makes the picture. It consists of very fine blood vessels and nerves. Sometimes there can be bleeding on the surface.

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Can I prevent diabetic retinopathy?

The overall principles of management of any diabetic disease whether it’s eye disease, kidney disease, heart disease is good long-term control. I wouldn't worry if you are diagnosed with mild diabetic retinopathy, it is not a death sentence for your eye.

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What are the causes of diabetic maculopathy?

Anyone who has diabetes for long enough will eventually develop some degree of changes on their retina. That may be mild diabetic retinopathy or mild diabetic maculopathy where there are just a few haemorrhages.

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How is diabetic retinopathy treatment performed?

The most widely available form of treatment is a retinal laser. This can be used to treat proliferative diabetic retinopathy, in other words, get rid of the abnormal blood vessels. That form of laser is essentially destructive on purpose.

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